Tuesday, November 1, 2011

80's Prom Dress Creations

Recently, a friend of mine asked me if I could turn her 80's prom dresses into something beautiful and useful for her. She also mentioned that her mother LOVED these dresses and had fond memories of her wearing them ☺ Her mom would not enjoy hearing of them being destroyed, but none the less they were just a memory and had just become closet clutter...who needs more of that?!!

We talked for a while about what to make
and came up with something for her AND her mom ♥
Now the dresses will be cherished and remembered often.

Here are the dresses as remembered by my friend and her mother,
before I got a hold of them.

Lots of beautiful fabrics, don't ya think?!!!!!

What can you imagine doing with this lace?! 

I decided to use it with a piece of the dark blue fabric from the long stripey dress.
 Layered with each other it turned out beautifully!!!

 I then made two large bags out of the layered fabrics,
 one for my friend and one for her mother ♥

 These two bags have pieces from most of the dresses, 
the outer shell is made up of the light green, navy blue striped and lace dress. 
The liners of both bags have different pieces that were pieced together as needed while I was making them.

Each bag pictured next to itself inside out ☺

Then I made a tree skirt!!!!!

I used a lot of fabric on this skirt, I think it turned out very luxurious!!

What a special Christmas this will be for my dear sweet friend ♥ 
Email me if you have a prom dress request ☺ 
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