Monday, June 4, 2012

Pip in the Smith-Gilbert Gardens

I grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia and like most kids, played all over the neighborhood all day until the sun went down.  
I knew every inch of the land in my neighborhood and even the creeks :)
Behind our house, in the woods, there was a mansion on a lot of land.  
We used to sneak over to it and get as close as we could 
to see if we could see anything cool. 

There were many huge art sculptures 
and lots of neat trees and plants. 
We found ourselves always wanting to venture over and sneak a peak.

I think especially because we were not supposed to...
just the curiosity of what could be there and what was going on is what intrigued us. 

This past weekend I was finally, after all these years, invited to visit.

My cousin Pip had a fundraising concert, 
it was so nice to walk through the gardens hearing his beautiful voice fill the air.

The gardens, known as the Smith-Gilbert Gardens are absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Here are some of the amazing sculptures featured in the gardens,  
I highly recommend that you go if you live in the Atlanta area, it is beautiful!!!

We could see this colorful one from our backyard and always wondered what it was!

I have soooo many memories of this tree.

This is the view of my childhood home through the woods.

The children's garden. 


Bird Bath

Then I had the pleasure of going into the house!!! 

Looking out the window into the gardens. 

The walls in the hallway were painted so pretty,
 I love how they took the time to make it original. 

View from the porch looking out into the gardens.

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