Thursday, August 11, 2011

Purple Flower ~ Yard Art Repaint

Here is a piece of Yard Art that needed a little repainting!

So, I painted it purple, 

 my FAVORITE color.

And this is how it looks after being outside during the last month. 
The rust has found it's way through the paint, 
 but it still has it's purple color! 
 I just love it!

It seems to look slightly real, 
the hummingbirds keep flying to it trying to find the nectar ☺

Monday, August 8, 2011

Water Tower Creation

My husband recently started making water towers.
If you haven't ever seen one, it's a barrel that collects the water from the gutters, for yard and garden watering. It saves a lot on the water bills and is...

We have one in our yard that we have used for about a year. 
He was then requested to build one for a customer. 

He did a great job building the stand out of recycled wood and nails.
Then he attached the parts to the tower that it would need to function properly. 
A spout to pour the water and a drain on the side near the top for overflow, and screens on the top holes to keep the water clear of debris.

He then had me paint the favorite part of ANY project ☺
He sold his first one this weekend!

Here it is at it's new home!! 
The customer is VERY happy to have this new addition.

She sent me a pic from her phone after she painted it.
It looks GREAT!!!

If you live in the Atlanta area,
and are interested in a water tower and rain barrel for your yard. 

Please email me @

Prices are as follows:

Rain Barrel ~ $75

18 inch stand ~ $25
36 inch Stand ~ $40

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Painted Growth Chart

My lovely cousin moved into a new home, and asked me to paint a growth chart in the playroom of her three kids.

She knew exactly what she wanted and she even had a picture...
which helped a lot...
 because I wanted her to LOVE it,
since she would be looking at it every day!!!

This is what I came up with, what do you think?! 

I LOVE it and I think it turned out beautiful!!!

She then added HER decorative touch to the chart!

It looks FANTASTIC!!!

If you look closely I painted the numbers with the wall color...

One of my favorite pieces!!!

Painted Flower Garden

I love painting!!!

When my Zumba friend realized one day that I painted windows, she asked me if I could paint the windows she'd had in her garage for years!! 
She figured she would do something with them one day..that's always the case isn't it?! 
Then she met me!! 

I told her, "I would be thrilled to paint your windows for you, what do you want me to paint on them?" 

Here is what we came up with!!!

I decided to paint a hydrangea bush to one side and an assortment of flowers on the other with a butterfly above. 
Her favorite color is yellow and she LOVES lilies!

This is the first painting my husband and I have BOTH painted for a client.

I asked him if he would paint a butterfly above the flowers I painted, and he was thrilled to help me out!! 
He is an EXCELLENT painter and painted the most beautiful butterfly,  it's called a Blue Morpho Butterfly.

We had a great time working on this together!! 

She LOVED them when I delivered them to her today!!!
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