Monday, August 8, 2011

Water Tower Creation

My husband recently started making water towers.
If you haven't ever seen one, it's a barrel that collects the water from the gutters, for yard and garden watering. It saves a lot on the water bills and is...

We have one in our yard that we have used for about a year. 
He was then requested to build one for a customer. 

He did a great job building the stand out of recycled wood and nails.
Then he attached the parts to the tower that it would need to function properly. 
A spout to pour the water and a drain on the side near the top for overflow, and screens on the top holes to keep the water clear of debris.

He then had me paint the favorite part of ANY project ☺
He sold his first one this weekend!

Here it is at it's new home!! 
The customer is VERY happy to have this new addition.

She sent me a pic from her phone after she painted it.
It looks GREAT!!!

If you live in the Atlanta area,
and are interested in a water tower and rain barrel for your yard. 

Please email me @

Prices are as follows:

Rain Barrel ~ $75

18 inch stand ~ $25
36 inch Stand ~ $40

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