Friday, April 22, 2011

Window Paintings at the Festival

     This past weekend my husband and I were invited to display our window paintings in the VIP section of the Sweetwater 420 Festival, for the third year in a row.  We were invited initially because of our "recycled art" (window paintings). Each year we have been inspired in different ways by many things in nature. This year we had 11 windows,  some were new and some had been displayed there before. Here are some of the new windows.  

  We look forward to the Sweetwater 420 Festival every year, it means we will be able to display our work, inspire people to make art out of what is already around them!  Meet new people, see lots of friends and most importantly listen to wonderful music!!!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stone Patio

My parents decided to have a stone patio and sidewalk put in behind their home last summer.  They had a ton of stones left over, and were kind enough to let us have a bunch of them. We thought about all of the possibilities of what to do with them, a small patio, stepping stones or a walkway...we went with a small patio!

  We brought home the first van load and layed them out, adding to it each trip just to see how much space we could actually cover...after we had them layed out we realized they had actually given us a lot and we were so excited to get started!!! 

We moved all the stones away and started leveling the ground with a hard rake... 
Then we layed the stones out how we wanted them... 
Here is the finished patio...we LOVE it!!! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Curtain Request

    I had a request to make some curtains for a friends, daughter & son's newly painted rooms.  It's spring break and they were in the mood for a new theme.  She was unable to find the pattern she wanted for curtains at any store, so she asked me to make them for her.  She is such an inspiration to me as a cake maker and I was honored to make her curtains!!

Here are the fabrics she chose and the curtains I made.  There are two panels per fabric that seperate in the middle and they each have a ruffle at the top, I also made two ties to tie them back with during the day☺

I asked her to take a photo of the curtains in the finished rooms, I will post it when she sends it to me!!!

 I would love to work with you and make you something that you would LOVE that you just can't find in the store.  Go ahead walk through the fabric store and see what fabric you fall in love with...whatever you might envision it becoming, I will do my best to make it for you!!!

 If you have a request for something to be sewn let me know!!! 
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