Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stone Patio

My parents decided to have a stone patio and sidewalk put in behind their home last summer.  They had a ton of stones left over, and were kind enough to let us have a bunch of them. We thought about all of the possibilities of what to do with them, a small patio, stepping stones or a walkway...we went with a small patio!

  We brought home the first van load and layed them out, adding to it each trip just to see how much space we could actually cover...after we had them layed out we realized they had actually given us a lot and we were so excited to get started!!! 

We moved all the stones away and started leveling the ground with a hard rake... 
Then we layed the stones out how we wanted them... 
Here is the finished patio...we LOVE it!!! 

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