Monday, April 4, 2011

Curtain Request

    I had a request to make some curtains for a friends, daughter & son's newly painted rooms.  It's spring break and they were in the mood for a new theme.  She was unable to find the pattern she wanted for curtains at any store, so she asked me to make them for her.  She is such an inspiration to me as a cake maker and I was honored to make her curtains!!

Here are the fabrics she chose and the curtains I made.  There are two panels per fabric that seperate in the middle and they each have a ruffle at the top, I also made two ties to tie them back with during the day☺

I asked her to take a photo of the curtains in the finished rooms, I will post it when she sends it to me!!!

 I would love to work with you and make you something that you would LOVE that you just can't find in the store.  Go ahead walk through the fabric store and see what fabric you fall in love with...whatever you might envision it becoming, I will do my best to make it for you!!!

 If you have a request for something to be sewn let me know!!! 

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  1. Jamie, I was there on Christmas morning when the daughter gave her mother the one-of-a-kind bag. As you predicted, her mother was aghast that these beautiful dresses had been forever"ruined", but then she got used to the idea and fell in love with the bag and the whole idea. Yesterday I sat next to the daughter in church and saw the pleasure it gave her to use her bag. The tree skirt was truly sumptuous! My best wishes to you and your clever enterprise. Penny G.


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