Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earring Holder Creation

 I have this frame that I love, but then the glass broke. So I decided to make it into something useful for the sale I am attending Saturday.
I needed something to hang my earrings on and I couldn't think of a thing, until I remembered this frame.

So I took it apart, discarded the matte paper...
and measured and cut a piece of batting to fit the back of the frame.

Then I used some adhesive spray for security,  make sure you have proper ventilation.
Spray a nice good layer then attach your batting by pressing down firmly. 

I then found a nice piece of burlap with holes perfect for earrings. 
I ironed it then measured it to size. 

Ironing is so important when it comes to doing a project with fabric,
and it looks so nice and smooth when it's finished.

Using a glue gun, I attached it to all sides almost like wrapping a present. 

I trimmed off the excess fabric to reveal the hook for hanging, 
and so that it will fit back into the frame.

When I first tried to put the back, back into the frame,  it did not want to cooperate. SO I had to use a hammer, when I finally got it back into the frame, it tried to bow out the back,  so I had to use two nails to keep it in place. I think it turned out AWESOME!!

Here it is with the earrings that I will be selling at The Little Red Barn Sale.
Hope to see you there!!!


Some of you may remember when I made this blanket a few weeks ago out of two fancy dresses.
I had so much fun cutting the dresses knowing I was going to make something useful out of them.  
They would no longer be hanging in an over filled closet full of memories,
 along with other no longer worn items.

Ahhh a new life for the dresses ♥

I decided to put a white flannel back onto it for comfort and for cozy naps ♥

 I love the way it turned out :)

I still had another skirt suit that I wanted to do something with... 
isn't it quite lovely, I asked my friend why she didn't take it with her on her cruise ship job for greeting people,  she laughed, haha!!!
I especially enjoyed cutting into this one!

I paired it with a white flannel, and a cozy green flannel on the back ☺

With some of the leftover green flannel,
I was able to make this one using some fabric I already had, 
the flower fabric is actually corduroy.

This one might be my favorite,  the satin tie die is so luxurious.

ALL of these blankets will be on sale at The Little Red Barn Sale.
Please come out and see my sisters and I as we bring our artistic talents together for the first time ♥ 
Hope to see you there!!!

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