Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earring Holder Creation

 I have this frame that I love, but then the glass broke. So I decided to make it into something useful for the sale I am attending Saturday.
I needed something to hang my earrings on and I couldn't think of a thing, until I remembered this frame.

So I took it apart, discarded the matte paper...
and measured and cut a piece of batting to fit the back of the frame.

Then I used some adhesive spray for security,  make sure you have proper ventilation.
Spray a nice good layer then attach your batting by pressing down firmly. 

I then found a nice piece of burlap with holes perfect for earrings. 
I ironed it then measured it to size. 

Ironing is so important when it comes to doing a project with fabric,
and it looks so nice and smooth when it's finished.

Using a glue gun, I attached it to all sides almost like wrapping a present. 

I trimmed off the excess fabric to reveal the hook for hanging, 
and so that it will fit back into the frame.

When I first tried to put the back, back into the frame,  it did not want to cooperate. SO I had to use a hammer, when I finally got it back into the frame, it tried to bow out the back,  so I had to use two nails to keep it in place. I think it turned out AWESOME!!

Here it is with the earrings that I will be selling at The Little Red Barn Sale.
Hope to see you there!!!

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