Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My First Artist Sale

I did my first artist sale this weekend and I was surprised at how much FUN it was. 
I met so many new people and had so many interesting and different conversations.
It was hot outside,  but we had beautiful 150 year old trees above us for shade.

Here are the items I had for sale,  blankets,  aprons, handbags, Jewelry, windows...
oh and that ladder pictured above made by my creative husband ♥ 

I sold these two windows!!! It was my first sale of the day!!

Here is my sister Christine's pottery, 
available for sale at the Beehive Coop in Atlanta


Somebody liked my blankets so much that they just had to lay down and get cozy ♥
My sweet little niece!!!

My sister had the great idea to make some sweater pillows...
they were so soft and cozy :)

Here is my other niece...
THAT FACE ♥♥♥ oh my goodness...

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