Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr. Chin Again

When I was a little girl my two sisters and I used to paint little faces on our chins, 
we called it Mr. Chin Again.  

I have been meaning to pass this fun tradition along to my kids, but I had yet to do it...

So, we were on our way to a friends house the other day and I told the kids along the way that we would paint their chins into Mr. Chin Again when we got there. 

When we arrived my friend had pictures of the day before and how they had created their own Chin Again's...she however did not call it Mr. Chin Again 
and was very amused with our name.  
How ironic that she had just done it the day before.  
Did you ever create Mr. Chin Again when you were young?

Here are our people!!!

 My friend had a lovely wig that we placed on my daughters chin...hilarious!!!!!

I hope that you are now inspired to turn your kids upside down and paint faces on their chins!!!  
Have fun laughing!!!!!

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