Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fabric Possibilities Part 3 ~ Complete

After a busy weekend of painting at my sisters
and spending time with my sweet family.

I finally finished both sides of the blanket 
that I have been working on for my sister.

After I posted the two sides complete, 
she also requested some fancy stitching on it,

 like I have done on some of my other items ☺

I love all of the different fabrics and stitches.
I look forward to hearing how she likes it...

Since posting this I have gotten 5 new sewing requests!!!!!  


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen Painting Trade

As I said yesterday, I painted at my sisters house all day long.  
We traded our services to help each other out. 

She has decided to paint her kitchen cabinets and ALL the brown trim and paneling.  
Basically ANYTHING that is brown, will now be white.

When I got there I wasn't even sure what I was going to be painting...
then I found out it was these windows, and paneling...

I was the PERFECT person for the job!!!

I love the concept of taping and then removing it, 
soooo much less clean up, and such perfect lines ☺
Here is what I was able to accomplish for her... 

First I painted it with a primer,
 then two coats of a creamy white.

My sweet niece, 
she kept me company when I took my breaks ♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabric Possibilities Part 2

Remember yesterdays Post?!

This was the fabric from the blanket my sister wanted to save 
and have me make into a new blanket.

These are the fabrics I chose from the pile to put together for this side of the blanket.  

She also gave me this inspiration that she had gotten from a catalog.

So I came up with a design that worked 
and measured it all out on paper, 
marking each piece as I cut 
and then sewed it all together.

There was a particular scarf that she had also wondered if I could add it to the center.  
There was a rip along on corner so I had to take it in 2 inches on each side. 
The green trim was nice,  but it was going to have to go in order to save it!  

As you can see she had already tried to save it by sewing it to a piece of plain white cloth.

Here are the pieces added one by one... 

Lots of ironing.....

Whoops,  with the beauty of the blanket, 
comes the pain of hitting your arm on the iron...
YEEOUCH,  that's gonna leave a mark...

but I did get a new ironing board cover,  it's so beautiful and purple ☺

HERE is the other side of the blanket that I started here... 
I think it looks GREAT!!!
She is gonna love it,  
now I have to put it together. 

That will have to wait, 
I will be helping my sister paint in her kitchen tomorrow!!! 

Stay Tuned for the finished product!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fabric Possibilities

The most challenging thing I have done thus far 
is creating something beautiful and useful out of various treasured fabrics.
Like 80's Prom Dresses, for example.  

My sister asked if I would make her a blanket out of some these random fabrics. 

She had one blanket that was one of her FAVORITES, 

but it had acquired many holes, tears and rips,  
she was sad to not be able to use it anymore. 

Then she thought of me and KNEW I could make something lovely for her out of the remaining fabric...

Along with the pile of other fabrics!!!

I was quite unsure as to what I was going to do, 
or how I was going to piece them together. 
Normally I would not have picked any of these fabrics,  
but as you know 
I didn't pick MOST of the other fabrics that make up most of my sewn items.

I always do my BEST to make sure it is thought out,drawn out and measured...
I LOVE it and I don't because it can be soooo tedious,  
but the end result is ALWAYS worth it!!!

I chose to piece together these fabrics, based on what I had and what looked good together.

It was quite a challenge working with thin, thick, 
upholstery cotton and silky fabrics and sewing them all together.

Here is how one side of the blanket has turned out so far,
 I LOVE it!!!!!

The flowered piece was once a roman shade curtain that she had made,  
I love that you can still see her red stitch lines beside my golden stitches...

I had so much fun putting this side of the blanket together,
I look forward to sewing the other side tomorrow.....

In return for making this for my sister she is making me some beautiful pottery. 
I already have a collection of pieces that she has given me throughout the years 
as gifts for birthdays or Christmas, 
or maybe something I admired and 
she was thinking it was imperfect.....

 I understand as an artist, 
we see the flaws in something we have created,  

but someone enjoying the piece
sees a Work of Art, 
a masterpiece if you will,
 they see flaw at all.

Here is some of her work...

...let me know if you see anything you like,  
she will be opening up an etsy store VERY soon...

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Window Painting

This past weekend my husband and I were very inspired to paint some windows.
It was so nice to paint alongside each other in silence
as the kids were playing outside ☼

I am never exactly sure what I am going to paint, I usually just let it come to me.
I started out with a beautiful smoky shade of purple
and then a cayenne pepper, paprika~ish color.
Then I got to work with the dots around the edges
and created centerpieces for each window pane.
I am always looking for different objects around the house to stamp and paint with. 
This time I found these two objects in my sons lego box ☺

It took me all week to finish this painting,
as I had to let each row of dots dry,
or else I would smear and smudge it with my hand while painting.

I LOVE how it turned out!!!!! It's one of my favorites!!!

AND here is what my man painted,  can you guess what's on his mind?!!

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