Friday, February 3, 2012

New Window Painting

This past weekend my husband and I were very inspired to paint some windows.
It was so nice to paint alongside each other in silence
as the kids were playing outside ☼

I am never exactly sure what I am going to paint, I usually just let it come to me.
I started out with a beautiful smoky shade of purple
and then a cayenne pepper, paprika~ish color.
Then I got to work with the dots around the edges
and created centerpieces for each window pane.
I am always looking for different objects around the house to stamp and paint with. 
This time I found these two objects in my sons lego box ☺

It took me all week to finish this painting,
as I had to let each row of dots dry,
or else I would smear and smudge it with my hand while painting.

I LOVE how it turned out!!!!! It's one of my favorites!!!

AND here is what my man painted,  can you guess what's on his mind?!!

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