Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabric Possibilities Part 2

Remember yesterdays Post?!

This was the fabric from the blanket my sister wanted to save 
and have me make into a new blanket.

These are the fabrics I chose from the pile to put together for this side of the blanket.  

She also gave me this inspiration that she had gotten from a catalog.

So I came up with a design that worked 
and measured it all out on paper, 
marking each piece as I cut 
and then sewed it all together.

There was a particular scarf that she had also wondered if I could add it to the center.  
There was a rip along on corner so I had to take it in 2 inches on each side. 
The green trim was nice,  but it was going to have to go in order to save it!  

As you can see she had already tried to save it by sewing it to a piece of plain white cloth.

Here are the pieces added one by one... 

Lots of ironing.....

Whoops,  with the beauty of the blanket, 
comes the pain of hitting your arm on the iron...
YEEOUCH,  that's gonna leave a mark...

but I did get a new ironing board cover,  it's so beautiful and purple ☺

HERE is the other side of the blanket that I started here... 
I think it looks GREAT!!!
She is gonna love it,  
now I have to put it together. 

That will have to wait, 
I will be helping my sister paint in her kitchen tomorrow!!! 

Stay Tuned for the finished product!!

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