Sunday, August 7, 2011

Painted Flower Garden

I love painting!!!

When my Zumba friend realized one day that I painted windows, she asked me if I could paint the windows she'd had in her garage for years!! 
She figured she would do something with them one day..that's always the case isn't it?! 
Then she met me!! 

I told her, "I would be thrilled to paint your windows for you, what do you want me to paint on them?" 

Here is what we came up with!!!

I decided to paint a hydrangea bush to one side and an assortment of flowers on the other with a butterfly above. 
Her favorite color is yellow and she LOVES lilies!

This is the first painting my husband and I have BOTH painted for a client.

I asked him if he would paint a butterfly above the flowers I painted, and he was thrilled to help me out!! 
He is an EXCELLENT painter and painted the most beautiful butterfly,  it's called a Blue Morpho Butterfly.

We had a great time working on this together!! 

She LOVED them when I delivered them to her today!!!

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