Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Princess Room Ceiling and Flowers

I painted this Princess Room about a week ago and returned today to finish it up. Remember this room?!
I painted it Pink Ribbon, and it turned out lovely ♥
...but the ceiling looked a little, well...not quite fit for a princess!!!

So, my client requested that I paint the ceiling...
Check it out!!! 

I think it turned out Fabulous, what a FUN room!!!
I also painted the powder and the shower room. 
THEN,  I added the decorative touch! 

 I painted some swirly, ivy vines, then added some flowers in colors chosen by the client.  She asked me to just go with it and paint anywhere so this is what I did...

I hope I have inspired you to paint a room in your home!

Maybe you could paint YOUR ceiling pink like this!

I will be returning to do one more detail layer flowers,
 just to make them POP !!!

Please let me know what you think...

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