Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Princess Room Before/After

This week I had the pleasure of turning a wonderful little princess room,
 into MORE of a princess room!! 

The walls, when I arrived, were a khaki/camel, not quite fit for a princess. 

She requested a light pink and had me pick the color. 
As long as it was light and didn't end up making the room look like pepto bismol,  which seems to happen to a lot of people ☺

I went with a color called pink ribbon. 

Here is after the first coat of paint,  it brightened the room up tremendously!! 

Here is the finished room!!!

I LOVE it!!! 

The little princess had no idea I was painting her room pink, she is at the beach ♥ 
 She had been asking for it to be painted pink for a while,
when she gets home from vacation she will be TOTALLY surprised!! 
I am looking forward to hearing all about it!!!

I will be returning in a few days to paint some decorative touches around the vanity mirror in the bathroom,  that I also painted to match. 
Will post pictures soon!

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  1. Turned out so cute Jamie!!!


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