Monday, December 13, 2010

Making Wrapping Paper

This year, the budget is exceptionally tight.  So, I decided to make wrapping paper instead of buying it.  I cut a long piece of paper from a spool, taped it to the dining room table and got to work.  I used an acrylic paint and a stamp I found a while ago.  I hope you enjoy the inspiration!!! It was quite simple to do and didn't take too much time!
First I taped it to the table...and got to work stamping and painting. 

I may still add some more color,  but I am not sure.  I almost went to the edges then I thought about folding and taping my hard work and I decided to stay away. I like the fun simplicity of it! I hope I have inspired you to make something, out of something you already have. Merry Christmas!!!

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