Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mailbox Post Makeover

I was in the middle of painting the back porch
and I looked at the mailbox and decided it needed to have a face lift.

It has look basically the same since we have moved in 10 years ago.  
The wood was looking a little faded and weathered. 
I couldn't keep just driving past it pretending I didn't notice.....

Here was my mailbox,
until I got a hold of it ☺


It may seem only slightly different but compared to the other faded mailboxes down the road it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

I LOVE my new mailbox post!!!

I LOVE that it doesn't look like a brand new post, 
I might would feel the need to replace the mailbox also, 
but it works... has charm ♥

And THIS is the reason I haven't been able to finish THIS yet!!!

If you look in the background you will get a sneak peek of it almost completed ☺


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