Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crib Skirt Request

 My sister recently requested that I make a crib skirt for one of her best friends who is having her first baby.  She had looked and looked in the baby stores and just couldn't find the right pattern for her baby.  So,  my sister suggested that she look for the perfect fabric and have it made, so she found this fabric.  I think it's perfect and suites both her and her husbands personalities ♥  I LOVED working on this knowing that it will be so much appreciated!!!  
Here are the side panels all cut and sewn. 

Here is the bottom piece that will sit under the mattress pinned and ready for sewing,  I doubled over the edges throughout for strength.
              The sides are all sewn and it is ready to be pinned together for the final sewing.
Here it is complete,  I think it will look great in the crib,  I look forward to seeing pictures!!!
I think it turned out really good!   If you or anyone else you know is having a baby and can't find the right fabric for their nursery in the baby store,  please feel free to email me with any special requests!

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  1. Very cute! Love that fabric. Homemade gifts are definitely much more appreciated versus bought off the shelf at a big box store. I hope to make the bedding for my next child now that I feel a little more confident with my sewing.


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