Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Old homes, nothing a new coat of paint would fix...

     As I drive down the roads near my town, I sometimes notice houses that are no longer lived in.  Sometimes they are soo hidden in the woods that you really have to look to see it. I often wonder what kind of lives were lived there? Did they decorate like we do,  paint the walls and match the curtains to the rest of the rooms?  I see that some have been abandoned years ago or sometimes a new house has been built behind the old house to replace the old one. 
     I would LOVE to someday  live in some 100 year old house,  but I feel like I couldn't just give it a new coat of paint and make livable,  can you imagine living in some of these houses?! Really they should be torn down,  that's why I chose to photograph them,  they will be gone one day.  Forever a memory.....

This one has a home built behind it. 

This was a tiny home,
                                             next to this slightly bigger one.

The front door.
I LOVE this old window,  I wonder did she set pies there to cool?!

When I first moved into my house, people lived in this one,  now you can barely see it. 
I am amazed at how fast a house can be taken over by nature. 
 It sure takes a lot to take care of a home ♥ 

 This one is my favorite,  I have been truly inspired to paint an old house ☺ 
 I am looking forward to it.....

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