Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Corn Hole Game

Have you ever played corn hole?!
Sounds kinds funny doesn't it!! 
It's a really fun game for the whole family!!!
We first played it years ago with some friends,
then we were re-introduced to it again last September,
while visiting family in Utah.
Not only that, but my lovely family up north has it as well,
we were totally missing out, until now ☺

Between taking care of our three kids,
visiting family, going to Florida, getting started with school and the endless list that comes with owning a home,
making the game was added to the bottom of the list.....
but alas we have finally finished it,
here it is!!!

The family has had so much FUN playing this outside ☼

After my husband built the game,
I had the lovely job of painting it. 
I chose to use our house paint because it is for outdoor purposes, in case we leave it out in the rain.
Then I used the shutter paint for the stripes. 
 Now it matches our home ♥

I then had the job of making the throw bags.
I needed 8, 6x6 inch bags,
 each filled with a pound of whole kernel corn feed.

I cut 16, 7x7 inch squares of canvas fabric or (duck cloth). 
I sewed them together making the 8, 6x6 inch squares,
then I filled them with some corn feed from the local feed and supply store ☺ What a neat place. We had sooooo much extra corn, we will probably be feeding deer all summer...

Each team has different bags, 4  bags each.

I had to re-sew all of the bags as they split open on the first few rounds of playing!!!

  I emptied them of their corn, sewed around the seams three more times, leaving a space for re-filling, then turned them right side out again and filled them up...

I also had to sew them about three times again to keep them closed at the closing seam.

~~☼~~ Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather we sure are ~~☼~~

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