Thursday, September 29, 2011

Desk Chair Paint Removal ~ part 1

 I used to have this chair in my bedroom when I was a young girl, but since getting married and having kids of my own it was left at my parents house.

Over the years they were split up, 
Mom had the chair and
my sister has had the desk in her home for over 10 years!

 Recently, I was able to retrieve the desk by offering a trade.

Now, I have begun the long process of stripping away the years of paint from the desk and chair and giving them a new home, reunited!!!

Here is the chair before I started,
 it has been used as so many things over the years...and it had so many layers of paint to remove...

This is what I used to strip the paint, 
I painted a thin layer over the area I wanted to strip
and waited about 10 minutes, then I scraped away the paint...

Here is is after the first coat of paint has been stripped away...
 Ready for the next coat to be stripped...

This is what it looks like as it is being lifted and stripped off the wood...

My next step will be sanding the seat and stripping the rest of the chair,
 I will post the complete project when it is complete.

Here is the desk I retrieved from my sister,  she has already started the sanding process for me...

Stay tuned for the completed desk and chair ☺

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