Saturday, December 24, 2011

Small Purse and Wrapping Paper

Last month I made some handbags for a friend out of her old 80's Prom Dresses, as seen here!!

After she received them she asked me to make a small purse for her mother,
I showed her what fabric was left and we came up with this design, and she LOVED it!!!

I love that she helped me design it, 
 it is so special to me to make something for someone that has so much meaning and sentimental value ♥

On another note, 
the kids and I painted wrapping paper for Christmas!!
Most of them were very simple,  stripes, polka dots, then my 8 year old painted this...

I could barely bring myself to wrap with it, 
but he insisted,
so I took a picture and wrapped away!!!

 Merry Christmas everyone, may you be blessed!!

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