Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Short Aprons with Ruffles

 I absolutely LOVED creating these aprons!!! My best friend has an apron with ruffles on the bottom and I was so inspired,  ENJOY! 

Blue & Yellow Apron with Ruffles and a Pocket ~ $ 25

Secured Neck Straps

Flawless Pocket

Secured Side Straps

Blue and Brown Striped Short Apron ~ $ 25

Green Blossom Short Apron w/ Ruffles ~ $25

Camo Short Apron w/ Ruffles ~ $25

Green Leaf Short Apron w/ Ruffles ~ $25

~ SOLD ~

~ No Longer Available ~
~ No Longer Available ~

~ No Longer Available ~

1 comment:

  1. Im a cosmetology student and I really like your work. I'd like to know if you make me 2 royal blue camoflauge print aprons w/pockets and 2 capes for my clients. I can be reached at Darkstarr4238@yahoo.com. Thank you and again your designs rock!


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