Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Short Aprons with Ruffles

I love to see what I am able to create with leftover fabrics from other projects I have done or fabrics from something that was once something else. 

For example a friend of mine moved to Colorado and gave me her shower curtain, 
I loved it and thought it was beautiful,
 but it didn't go with the decor of my guest bathroom, 
 so I decided not to put it in the closet, and let it collect fold marks.

I made some aprons out of it.
No Longer Available

Then I sent one to her as a memory of her home here in Georgia ♥
She said that she didn't have an apron
 and LOVED receiving one that was so special!!

I had some leftover camo fabric from a previous project...

Camo Short Apron w/ Ruffles ~ $25

My sister had me make her baby's crib skirt and bumper, 
then she gave me the  leftover fabric,  here is another one ☺

No Longer Available

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these aprons.

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