Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starting Something New: Cleaning, something that was overlooked...

Ok, most of you that know me, know that I clean all the time :) 
I LOVE the feeling of knowing that everything is tidy, in order and in it's place. 
It helps me to relax knowing I don't have something to clean up, fold or put away. 

So, as my husband says, when my feet hit the floor I am moving 90 miles a minute...
Straightening up the kitchen and living room,  making sure the kids have done their chores and made their beds, laundry...you know the drill.

As I was saying this one is about cleaning,  during the day to day busy~ness that is life with three kids...

SOME things get overlooked, like the kitchen sink handles.....
This is the lid...
and this is the handle.

...and this is the underneath and inside of the handle.
I had to make the pics small, because they were THAT GROSS!!!

YIKES!!!!!  Really?!!,  How did I let it get that bad?!!!?
Honestly, I can't believe I am blogging about this,
but again most of you that know me,
 know that I would just want to help you out ☺

Some major cleaning was in order...so I got to work.

 Here it is after I cleaned it, FINALLY!!!!! 
I will NEVER wait this long again!!!

It just makes me wonder what else I am overlooking in my day to day cleaning routine, 
I looked under the fridge...OH DEAR!!!!!

What have you overlooked?!

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